Progress update

Hey this post is a little short but I wanted to give a basic update since it’s been a bit. My last post got a lot of attention and helpful feedback. I appreciate all the advice I got. I learned that I’ll definitely need to look into creating multiple L.O.D.’s for my assets, but that ...

The Poly-count Problem

The Poly-count Problem
So this week I’ve been trying to learn how to create game assets that have a relatively low poly-count but still have enough definition to look good.  Originally I had tried just sculpting a High poly-count model and then trying to retopologize it using z-remesher and decimation master to create a low poly model.  This ...


30. January 2015 Weapons 0
So tonight I finished up work on a first pass at a shotgun for the game. Well within my poly count goal for weapons.  It still needs clean up but I’m happier with it than I thought I would be. Below are a couple of images of it in engine.

Small Steps

So I’m still working on getting skilled enough in order to create basic assets for a working prototype for the game. I may be getting a little carried away but I’m really enjoying enjoying the asset creation process. Below is a barrel I made. It worked well as practice in what will be my new ...