Happy New Year!

29. December 2015 Off-Topic 1
Happy New Year!

Hey guys, short post this week. I’ve been pretty busy this past week with Christmas and everything that I haven’t been able to make much progress or write a good post. I did want to bring to attention the fact that It’s now been almost 6 full months since I posted Now In Color. Why is this important? It’s because that was the first post I made since I decided to post every Tuesday, and with few exceptions I’ve done a pretty good job of making the once a week post to this blog.  Thank you to everyone who checks in to see how my progress goes.  Hopefully this new year brings in big changes for Project Zeds. I look forward to sharing them all with you. To finish off the new year here’s a gallery of some of my favorite screens from this past year. You can definitely see how things have changed.

Edit (12/30/2015):

Jetpack sent me a cool little link showing me my stats from this blog for the past year. I figured I’d share it with you guys: http://jetpack.me/annual-report/68512599/2015/

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