More gifs than Myspace in the nineties!

More gifs than Myspace in the nineties!

So this week I’ve decided to try something new.  I usually try to include new screen shots for updates but  most of the changes that went into the game this week don’t make very good static images. So welcome the animated gifs! This marks the first time I’ve ever tried to make animated gifs, the first time I’ve ever used video editing software and the first time I’ve ever tried to use screen capture software so these aren’t the greatest gifs, but it’s a start. I just hope that they don’t take an hour to load on everyone’s machines.

This week in development I spent a lot of time trying to nail down bugs and get closer and closer to a playable prototype.  The following changes were implemented.

  • I fixed a few bugs surrounding the ammo system including reloading pulling too many rounds from the reserve, getting the incorrect amount of ammo the first time you pick up a weapon and preventing reloads when clip is full or ammo is out.
  • I fixed a few zombie death Issues including zombies warping to a different location on the map on death, dead zombies not rag-dolling correctly and dead zombies still being able to hurt the human player.
  • I made buildings selectable in RTS mode.
  • I added an info panel to the bottom of the screen in RTS mode. Eventually this will be used to select commands for your units but right now it gives very basic information about your selected unit.
  • I added health bars to selected units so you know how close they are to dying.

All told I wound up knocking out about 70% of my Trello task list for this week, which is honestly much better than I usually do so I’ll consider that a success. So anyway here are the gifs for this week:


Zombies attacking main player


UE4Editor 2015-07-16 00-43-17-64
RTS camera controls


AI reacting to player… badly


RTS selection and commanding units

Anyways that all I got for this week. Hope some of the gifs loaded for you guys. As you can see there’s still a ton of work to do but it’s getting closer every week.

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    Tom on July 23, 2015 Reply

    Looks like an interesting concept! Good luck mate!

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