My Games

Project Zeds


Status: In Development

Release date: N/A

Description: Project Zeds is a first person shooter versus real-time strategy game I’m writing for the PC.  It features light role-playing game and multiplayer online battle arena mechanics and takes place in a world that is an homage to my favorite cult science fiction and horror films.


Safe or Sorry


Status: Released

Release date: 12/13/2015

Description: Safe or Sorry is a game I wrote in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 34.   Safe or Sorry is a competitive survival horror game based on the prompt “Two Buttons”. One button is “Safe” and the other will leave you “Sorry”.
Game Rules:
-Pressing SORRY Spawns a monster and awards you points.
-The more monsters and the longer you stay alive the more points you get.
-Pressing SAFE ends the game and banks all of your points.
-Dying losses all of your points
-Try to get a high score!



Milo’s Many Nightmares


Status: In Development

Release date: N/A

Description: Milo’s Many Nightmares is a short survival horror game I’m working on based on the work I did in Safe or Sorry. In it you play as Milo, a young boy, trying to overcome his fears and nightmares. Each level is a new nightmare in a new land with new monsters and new game mechanics.

Try it here: