Not Another Zombie Game…

Not Another Zombie Game…

Each week I throw another post up here and link to it from a variety of different sources that change depending on the topic of the post. For the most part the posts are received well.  Often I’ll get advice and useful information, and sometimes I’ll even get compliments. Other times though I’ll get less helpful criticism. I should be thankful I guess because the criticism I receive pertains mostly to what I’ve decided to make and not how I’ve been making it or any of the work I’ve done. The main criticism that keeps popping up is “Don’t make a zombie game. There are too many Zombie games already!” and if I linked you to this post there’s a good chance you said the exact same thing.

So let me tackle this common argument head on. First of all, you’re right. There are a ton of zombie based games on the market already. There’s a ton of zombie based everything on the market already.  Current culture seems to have such weird obsession with the idea of zombies that hearing the phrase “oh I just have this in case of the Zombie Apocalypse” doesn’t even sound that strange to us anymore.  From movies to games to comic books to versions of pride and prejudice to reality TV shows in which people actually prepare for the zombie apocalypse, it has become clear that zombie mania has completely flooded the current culture and that if there is one thing the world doesn’t need it’s another damn zombie game.

So why then am I doing exactly that? Because I want to. I know that there are quite a lot of zombie games on the market already, but no one yet has made my zombie game.  If they had I’d quit this whole thing and just go play that. It would be way easier.  But I have a dream game idea, a game idea that has been floating in my head for years that I REALLY want to make a reality.  I think the idea behind the game is new and novel, and I think it will be a whole lot of fun to play.  I’m not making this game for you so that you have one more zombie game to add to your collection. I’m making this game for me because it’s the game I’ve always wanted to play. And yes, it may have zombies, but the fact of the matter is I like zombies, and their lore fits the game’s main mechanic perfectly. There will be plenty of monsters aside from zombies in Project Zeds, but the main enemy unit will be the old tried and true zombie horde.

The truth is the only thing pushing this game forward is that I really want to see my game finished. If I was just making a game in hopes of monetary reward or in hopes that the largest number of people would enjoy it, I would have lost my motivation a long time ago.  I don’t want a lot of people to like my game a small amount – I want a small amount of people to like my game a lot.  If you are too worried about which fictional monster I based the game around to notice anything else, then I’d probably agree with you: this game’s not for you.

Personally I think there are way too many fantasy RPG games out there. I also think there are too many bland military shooters out there, and I definitely think there are too many indies out there trying to create the next survival horror game, but  I’m not going to discredit a game in any of those genres simply for being a part of those genres.  Even some of the most played out Ideas have room to grow. Sometimes it’s nice to approach things with an open mind.

To everyone else: I thank you greatly.  I really appreciate your continued interest in my progress.  It’s the highlight of my day when an internet stranger leaves me a reassuring comment or even an up-vote. Realize I’m not actually angry or anything, I just thought this was a topic that could use addressing. I fully plan to keep working on Project Zeds well into the future. Project Zeds will be a zombie game, but if I’m lucky, it won’t be just yet another zombie game.



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