The Poly-count Problem

The Poly-count Problem
So this week I’ve been trying to learn how to create game assets that have a relatively low poly-count but still have enough definition to look good.  Originally I had tried just sculpting a High poly-count model and then trying to retopologize it using z-remesher and decimation master to create a low poly model.  This ...


30. January 2015 Weapons 0
So tonight I finished up work on a first pass at a shotgun for the game. Well within my poly count goal for weapons.  It still needs clean up but I’m happier with it than I thought I would be. Below are a couple of images of it in engine.

Small Steps

So I’m still working on getting skilled enough in order to create basic assets for a working prototype for the game. I may be getting a little carried away but I’m really enjoying enjoying the asset creation process. Below is a barrel I made. It worked well as practice in what will be my new ...

Learning to Model

03. December 2014 Buildings 0
Learning to Model
So I’ve been hitting the books lately learning how to model and texture lately. I’d like to be able to create my own place holder art at least. I started this learning binge with almost no knowledge of 3D modeling at all so I’d like to think I’ve made some progress. So tonight’s task was ...

It’s dangerous to go alone!

“Does not work well with others” or rather “Chooses not to work well with others” or even more accurately “Chooses not to work with others at all” is a phrase that can sometimes describe myself. When I was in college I created a band called “The Animus” and recorded 12 song EP that I pasted ...