Progress update

Hey this post is a little short but I wanted to give a basic update since it’s been a bit. My last post got a lot of attention and helpful feedback. I appreciate all the advice I got. I learned that I’ll definitely need to look into creating multiple L.O.D.’s for my assets, but that will be another post.

Though I have not been posting I have continued to make progress here is a list of things accomplished in the past two weeks.

  • Upgraded Unreal to 4.7
  • Implemented source control.
  • Created a functional dynamic tessellation master material.
  • Incorporated the Substance plugin with my project.
  • Began research on the usage of splines for road generation.
  • Modeled out a bunch of  low poly pieces for my city generation.
  • Massively reworked the shotgun I posted earlier, fixing tons of topographical errors and dropping poly count.
  • Began rigging and animating shotgun.

More in depth posts will come soon but for now here is a 3-d viewer for the shotgun I reworked. I haven’t figured out how to upload physically based materials yet so the materials are a little off here but take my word for it that it looks better in game.

UPDATE (3/4/2015): Since I wrote this post sketchfab has introduced a sexy new physically based renderer to their site. I must admit the textures still look better in game but the widget below has vastly improved over when i originally wrote this.

by JimmothySanchez
on Sketchfab

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