Well…. That Didn’t Work…

23. February 2016 Marketing 0
Well…. That Didn’t Work…

So I created this blog to share what I learn about game development as I learn it and I learned a big thing last week, people do not like giving out their personal email addresses. I guess in retrospect that makes sense. I’m not sure I would have either. Last week I made an email sign up form for people to help me test my new game.  At the close of the week my email list had a total of one email address…. mine. Despite the lack of interest in testing the new game I had several downloads of “Safe or Sorry” the original game that the new game is based on.
As intrusive as it seems in retrospect the only reason I set up the email list was so that I could keep in contact with the testers. I want them to be able to easily give me feedback about the game too. I also wanted to keep the total number of people seeing the game relatively low because I’m not super happy with its current state. I think I may have come up with a solution that fixes all of these problems.



My solution

As of right now you can download “Milo’s Many Nightmares” right here. No email address required! It’s a private link on itch.io so unless you’re coming from this post you won’t see it. To handle player feedback I’ve created two options. First there’s the itch.io discussion board, which I’ll be monitoring closely. If however you don’t already have an itchio account I’ve also created a subbreddit that you can post to. Feel free to subscribe. I’ll be posting updates and news there too.


Hopefully this works a little better. And keep in mind this is the very first build of a very small section of the game.

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