What is Project Zeds? (FAQ)

So what is Project Zeds?

Project Zeds is a first person shooter versus real-time strategy game I’m writing for the PC.  It features light role-playing game and multiplayer online battle arena mechanics and takes place in a world that is an homage to my favorite cult science fiction and horror films.

 What does that actually mean?

There are two ways to play Project Zeds. You can play either as the humans or the zombies. If you play as the humans the object of the game is to kill all the Zombie leader. Doing so wins you the game. While doing so you will also attempt to loot houses for weapons and power ups, set traps and kill off as many zombie minions as possible.

If you play as the zombies your main goal is to destroy the human outpost. You do so by infesting parts of the city, building up a zombie horde, and killing the player character whenever he/she get in the way.

When is this going to be done?

Good question. Not for a long long time. Currently the Project Zeds development team is a single developer and he’s kinda slow. Also he doesn’t get paid for this so all work is done in his spare time.

Are you going to sell this thing?

Eventually maybe? I’d love to one day but until then once I have a playable prototype I’ll just host it here for free for anyone interested in playing.

Why are you posting about a game that’s not even in at the functional prototype stage?

Because it helps me work. It gives me incentive to keep going. It allows me to be brutally open in my development of this game. Because once I’m done, if I’m ever done, It will be great to look back and see just how far the game has actually gone. I guess any of those reasons will do. Pick one.

How come it looks like that?

Project Zeds is admittedly pretty ugly right now but hopefully that will change once it’s functional. I’m going after having a playable prototype long before I want one that looks pretty.


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