Mini-post #1

April 7th, 2017

Came across an infuriating problem tonight and figured I’d throw up a quick mini post just in case anybody else gets stuck on this. So the problem is that you want to use a projectile movement component to move an actor around your game but you don’t want it to start moving immediately, so you leave automatic activation turned off. Unfortunately when you want it to move, you call “Activate” on the component, but nothing happens…

This took me forever to figure out and like most the problems that trip me up the solution turned out to be a stupid check box that needed to be checked/unchecked. In this case it’s the “Auto Update Tick Registration” check box on your projectile movement component. by default it’s checked but you need to unchecked it if you want to do any run-time activation of the control, otherwise it appears the tick event on the component never fires.

Hope this post help at least one other person out there.

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