A face only a mother could love

A face only a mother could love


Let’s talk about ugly. I’ve been posting a lot recently about my attempts at creating art for the game and trying to make things look nice. This post is not that. More recently I’ve been working on building out the basic game play mechanics and making sure everything replicates correctly. I’ve decided to push-off a lot of the aesthetic stuff until I have a playable prototype working. The problem with this is its hard to show off on the blog because it’s ugly, but in the interest of keeping my development as open as possible and with the knowledge that my image based posts seem to generate more traffic here for some reason, here are some ugly screens: (enjoy)





Pretty ugly huh? What is going on, but can not be seen here is that I have almost all of the bare prototype FPS mechanics in-game and replicating to all clients correctly. *Minor rejoicing* All I have left are a few small bugs and tweaks before I’m happy with that section of the prototype.

Up next I’m moving on to the RTS functionality of the prototype. Once that’s done I’ll probably do a quick UI sweep and then hopefully I’ll have a super ugly super bare bones prototype I can upload here for all of its ugly goodness.


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