Enter The Baron

06. October 2015 Characters 0
Enter The Baron

I’ve briefly mentioned zombie commanders in other posts but it’s time to go into their role a little further. The undead hordes make up the majority of the zombie army but every zombie army will be lead by a main zombie commander. A character who is not a zombie themselves but someone who rules over all of the zombies on the map. Players playing as the undead will want to keep their commander safe because a loss of the commander is the loss of the game. Commanders have unique  game altering abilities though so the zombie player will need gamble with how much they want them mixed up in battles. On one hand they can prevent the humans from advancing but on the other hand it could quickly become game over. So let’s take a look at out first Zombie commander!

Baron Samedi: dressed in his iconic top hat, tuxedo jacket and skull face paint,  Baron Samedi is the Hatian Voodoo god of the dead.  Baron Samedi’s abilities will be based in voodoo and will mostly be long range disorienting attacks against the human player.  Playing against Samedi will mean the human player is unable to always trust what they see on screen and at certain times have to fight to control their own character.

The sculpt for Samedi has taken me less time than expected. I seem to be improving which is great. Unfortunately the low poly re-mesh has taken me way longer time than I expected, but I’m still learning. Hopefully once I’ve done this a few times it’ll be just as intuitive to me as modelling.

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