Here’s the Church, and Here’s the Steeple Pt. 2

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Here’s the Church, and Here’s the Steeple Pt. 2

It’s pretty awesome what a lick of paint can do.


Last week I showed you guys the W.I.P. church which  will serve as the home base for one of the as yet unannounced human hero characters.  This week I finished up most of my modelling, did some quick UV work, and did a bit of painting. The result of which can be seen below.

Creepy Old church
by JimmothySanchez
on Sketchfab

 So far I’m pretty happy with the result. My aim was to get an “abandoned  old country church” type feel to the model and it definitely seems to have just that. I did most of my modeling in Zbrush, my UV work in Modo, and my painting in Substance Painter. As with all the art I’m showing off right now, this is only my first pass at these assets and they are all likely to change as development continues, but I have to put the pen down temporarily on each of these assets and this feels like as good of a point as any.

As I may have mentioned earlier this building is the first in a new classification of buildings, the human base. The human player will need to defend this point because having it destroyed by the zombies is an instant loss of the game. The human player will have ways of reinforcing the base and defending it from the zombie hordes, but I’ll go into that better in later updates.  Each base will be unique to a human hero character, and will reflect the theme of that particular character, so you can probably speculate what kind of character this place belongs too.

Anyways take a look at a few In game screens using the new church:

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