I Want You

16. February 2016 Testing 0
I Want You

Hey guys, short post this week because I was out-of-town over the weekend without access to the internet.  Milo’s Many Nightmares development is moving along pretty well though. It’s getting to a point where I should get some eyes on this thing. I’ve got an extremely early prototype build ready and I’d like to get feedback from anyone willing to check it out. I don’t want to just make the game publicly available though because I feel its way too early. So my solution is to create a private list of testers and to send the updates and download links only to them. How do you get on this list? Just sign up below and I’ll send out your download link later this week. Hopefully this will help open up communication as well.

Please be aware though right now this is a very early prototype.

Edit: Sign up form removed.

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