Milo’s Many Nightmares

Milo’s Many Nightmares

I’m pleased to announce Milo’s Many Nightmares! Milo’s Many Nightmares is the new name for the new game that I’m working on while I take a break from Project Zeds. In Milos Many Nightmares you play the role of Milo, a young boy trying to get some sleep. Unfortunately Milo suffers from terrible nightmares.  Through out the course of the game you jump from nightmare to nightmare trying to help Milo overcome his fears and eventually get a decent nights sleep. Each nightmare will keep the central theme of Safe or Sorry, by giving Milo a choice, he can either succumb to his fear and leave the nightmare, or he can be brave, and the nightmare will get worse, until it is beaten.

Because of the nature of a good horror game I don’t want to give too much away, but I will start posting some information about each of the planned nightmares. Each nightmare will be as different from the others as possible. I’ve already shown you what I’m currently calling “the red room”. Next on the list is “the white room”. Names are clearly placeholder till I get the lore a little more sorted out. The white room is made to look like the interior of a house. It’s intentionally bleak and I wanted to give it the feeling of being drawn on notebook paper with a Bic pen. The monster for the white room is very different from the Mangler fish from the red room, but I don’t want to show her off til she’s ready.

Bleak with a mild blue tone. Very strong shadows.
I use ambient occlusion masks to show the pen marks.

I’m not sure how many nightmare’s I’m going to be able to accomplish within the time I’ve allotted myself for this game, but hopefully it’s enough that it’s an entertaining little game. I plan to publish a small pre-alpha version of the game soon so that you all can play it and watch it develop.

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