30. January 2015 Weapons 0

So tonight I finished up work on a first pass at a shotgun for the game. Well within my poly count goal for weapons.  It still needs clean up but I’m happier with it than I thought I would be. Below are a couple of images of it in engine.

ShotGuns2 ShotGuns

What makes me really so proud is how far I seem to have come in such a short time. It might not seem like much to a seasoned professional but compared to where I was I feel like I’m making massive improvements. Below is an image of my new gun next to the very first model of a gun I ever got into the engine. Notice you’ll never find a post about the original weapon. I must admit I’ve been a little ashamed.


Also it looks like there is red on the shotgun. That’s actually the reflection of the red gun in the shotgun’s barrel. How awesome is that?

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